Charcoal Face Mask For Acne

 Charcoal Face Mask For Acne Astral Collective

You’ve probably heard of activated charcoal being used for teeth whitening or filtering impurities from water but did you know that it is great for your skin too? It can help prevent acne and even be used as a spot treatment for acne. We reveal why we love activated charcoal and how it may help you get clearer skin and detox your skin.


Charcoal Face Mask:

Using Activated Charcoal in your face mask can help with acne and has some awesome benefits:

  • It draws out chemicals, dirt and impurities that can accumulate in your pores from make-up and everything we come in contact from day to day.
  • Helps with the appearance of pores and blackheads.
  • So fine that it gently exfoliates when applying the mask lifting dead skin.

The reason activated charcoal works so well is because it can adsorbs thousand times its own mass. So it’s great for mopping up all that nasty stuff left on your skin.

Make sure to use a moisturiser, face oil or serum after each time you use an activated charcoal mask. On the rare occasion some people do find activated charcoal a little drying.

A great mask to try is Astral’s Charcoal Detox Mask. Combined with healing bentonite clay it’s nourishing, healing and detoxing. The mask even comes infused with negative energy fighting black tourmaline to help with them good vibes only.


Activated Charcoal For Acne Spot Treatment:

Activated Charcoal can suck gunk out of pores like nobody’s business. So you can even use it as a spot treatment.

Here is how:
1) Empty a capsule of activated charcoal into a bowl.  Alternatively, use about a teaspoon of your charcoal face mask.
2) Add a few drops of water until you create a paste.
3) Using a cotton bud apply the paste to the acne spot you want to treat.
4) Leave on for 10 mins
5) Using warm water gently wash off

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