💗How to tap into your intuition💗

Your intuition is your superpower - it's a direct connection to the answers you seek, the confidence you crave and the peace and stillness you deserve. The first step is learning to turn off the noise that fills up your mind and dominates your thoughts. We know this can feel hard so that's why we have shared our top 5 TIPS to strengthen your intuition.

It's time to start your journey within!

💗Tips to strengthen your intuition💗:

  1. Quieten your mind and turn off your stress response

    Breathe – when you focus on belly breathing you give your body the clear instructions that you are safe. This allows you to connect to the here and now. This is the on switch to connecting with your intuition. Take about 5 – 8 deep breaths and feel your body relax.

  2. Cement the connection: Repeat this statement: I am open to clear guidance. I am always protected.

  3. Ask a question: What do I need to know today? Then listen.  This can take time as when you initially begin to tune in, the noise can still be quite loud. Here is the key: if the answer comes to you in a loving way, this is intuition, If the answer comes to you in a judgmental or unkind tone – this is your mind taking over again.

    Write: You can ask the same question and write down your answer instead. This can be useful for those who initially struggle to get out of their heads.

  4. Gratitude: Take a moment to thank the guidance that has come through

  5. Act: Now that you have the guidance – how can you act on it? This cements the trust that what you are getting is indeed guidance to support you to experience your best life.


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