With nearly 49 thoughts per minute – having a melody mindset tuned into the frequency you want is imperative. With my passion focused on supporting parents, kids and teens on how to manage the stress lane - these conversations are a crucial starting point.

When was the last time that you truly listened to what you were saying to yourself? The exact phrases, the toxic undertones, the judgements, and the excuses? Yes, there will be some positive slaps on the back, some high fives, and some moments of praise but from what I’ve seen from running numerous workshops, these highs aren’t as frequent as they should be.

Your self-talk can be likened to a melody mindset. The words you fuel yourself with ultimately creates the energy and vibe you emit. As the conductor of your life – you select the arrangement from high notes to soft notes to some very low tones. Everyone has their own unique melody and although it may vary depending on your mood and daily experiences, there is a trademarked melody you have set for yourself. This energy you give off is potent.

This melody mindset becomes your theme song when you introduce yourself to others and how you portray yourself to the outside world. Like every song – it emits an energy, a specific frequency. Will it fall into a high vibe playlist? A slow jams session? A vibrant workout set, an emotive breakup playlist or a heavy metal medley. I’m sure you can recall a person that fits into at least one of the above categories.

What you may not realise is that your mindset melody has a specific narrative. Your self-talk has created the lyrics to your own hit song. This theme song is set on repeat and is played over and over and over again throughout your mind and reaches every cell of your body. It can even affect how your genes express themselves – it’s that powerful. These words become part of your identity. The statements become so engrained, that you believe them wholeheartedly regardless of their validity, benefit or toxicity.

To solidify this further, you then place a nice big box around that identify and accept the course it takes you on. Your melody mindset becomes a filter for your life. You internalise and interpret any thoughts and experiences through your theme song – dictating your relationships and overall health and happiness. Slightly important don’t you think?

What does your theme song sound like? Is this theme song aligned to your goals and aspirations for your life? Does it have a positive effect on those around you? Or does your theme song need a re-write?

The first step: As yourself these questions.

Next article will give you some strategies and steps for shifting your melody mindset.

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