• How to use your Meditation Crystal Set

    Learn how to make the most of Astral's Meditation Crystal Set and best practice for cleansing and re-energising your crystals
  • A couple acts of self-care to try today

    The first ritual is Journal Prompts. To get the most out of this exercise approach it with an open mind and without judgement. Write freely, without stopping to edit yourself or to correct any punctuation. Give it a try! Journal Prompt #1: How does my family history affect the way I view money, relationships, and security? What’s my relationship to financial stability? Journal Prompt #2: What negative...
  • Cleansing Reset Shower Ritual

    Cleansing Shower Ritual   Water is a sacred element that connects all living creatures. It nourishes the land and our bodies, connects rivers to oceans, and acts as a conduit for the spirit world. Throughout times and across cultures, water is used for cleansing, anointing, and baptismal purposes. This ritual will help you channel the potent metaphysical properties of water for the purpose of healing,...
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