How to calm your mind before bed

Hopping into bed knowing you are exhausted and then …. your mind begins to race. You feel wide awake, on high alert and at the same time frustrated. Why can’t you sleep when you know how depleted you really feel?

A busy mind before bed is completely justified these days. With the amount of information your brain processes during the day, the accumulation of to – do lists and then stressors of every day life, your mind is near capacity. Your brain is trying desperately to return to a state of homeostasis. To provide you with moments of calm, clarity and comfort.

Creating a bedtime routine will pay dividends to your sleep bank. Sleep is the foundation to your health and happiness. It’s worth the investment and we can promise that after repetitive practice, you will begin to experience more moments of calm, clarity and comfort.

4 Steps to creating calm before bed:

1. Turn off your devices
An overloaded mind will thank you for turning off the constant stream of information before bed.

2. Make your room a sanctum for sleep
If your room itself is in chaos – your mind is going to find it tricky to disengage and relax. Can you add crystals to invite in a healing energy? Can you de-clutter to create a more relaxing ambiance? Can you use a calming spray or burn incense or Palo Santo to shift any chaotic energy?

3. Turn down your stress dial
Making yourself a cup of herbal tea that includes calming and stress reducing herbs. Use lavender on your body (sleep balm, roller or oil). These practices have been used for thousands of years to instill calm within the mind and body

4. Breath work
Breathing or meditation is like an off switch for your nervous system. When you begin to breathe diaphragmatically – your body begins to feel safe and your body reacts accordingly. You heart will stop racing, your mind will calm and your hormones will begin to balance.

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Consistency is key! Taking time each night to carve out a few minutes of calm before bed will start to re-wire your brain to handle stress more effectively. Bring on more moments of calm, clarity and comfort.

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