Solstice Catchall Tray
A beautiful tray to store your favourite things. Use it at the end of each day to store your beloved jewellery and crystals, or use it as part of a ceremony to cleanse and charge your crystals under the power...
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Moon Moth Pocket Journal
A6 Moon Moth Pocket Journal with a leather cover. For self-reflection and manifesting desires. The moth serves as a reminder... always face towards the light, even in the darkest of nights 🦋 ✨
£11.00 £6.00
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Moon Goddess Wall Tapestry - Limited Edition
An exclusive limited edition piece by Astral Collective. You can hang this beautiful tapestry on your bedroom wall or use as an altar cloth. Size: 60cm x 60cm Material: Fabric, Polyster  
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Hamsa Crystal Key Ring
The Hasma Hand is a universal sign of power, protection and strength.  Each key ring also includes a crystal.  There is an assortment of 13 crystal variations which at packaging are selected at random.  What better way than to have...
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Sacred Future Tote Bag
👁 Not just any Tote Bag.... this one is sacred👁 The Future Tote Bag is available exclusively on our store. Beautifully designed and great for the planet! 
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Tease Calming Chamomile Tea
Organic Egyptian chamomile flowers invoke calma nd comfort in this bed time classic.  Caffine free. Every cup of Tease tea is filled iwth more than just ethically sourced, good for you ingredients.  Every purchase invests in the advancement of woman...
£6.00 £3.00
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Moi Vegan Leather PocketJournal by Magic of I
Please note - you will get one of 7 colours - you are not able to choose which colour you want.  These luscious 152 page lined journals are for all of your journalling purposes. The silky smooth vegan leather cover is buttery soft to touch,...
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Self Care Pin
Stick this on your bag or shirt to remind you how important Self Care is!!
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