• What I discovered through journalling each morning

    What I discovered through journalling each morning
    Recently I’ve started journaling in the morning.  Here is my process and what I’ve discovered. Having a morning routine is really important and transcribes into the rest of your day.  Taking time for yourself in the morning can play a huge role in ensuring you feel grounded and balanced going forward.  Even waking up 5 minutes earlier to spend time on yourself can make...
  • How to calm your mind before bed

    Hopping into bed knowing you are exhausted and then …. your mind begins to race. You feel wide awake, on high alert and at the same time frustrated. Why can’t you sleep when you know how depleted you really feel? A busy mind before bed is completely justified these days. With the amount of information your brain processes during the day, the accumulation of...
  • The 7 year - going within - a year of learning

    THE 7 YEAR – GOING WITHIN – A YEAR OF LEARNING As of 1 January we have moved into a 7 year cycle.  We get this by adding the numbers of this year (2023)  together 2+0+2+3 = 7. The 7 energy is the undertone, the governing vibration of all of us.  There will be much personal inner development as the 7 energy is a...
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