• Crystal Grids and how to use them

    Crystal Grids and how to use them
    Crystal grids can look confusing and difficult but you can really do what you like and how you are guided to when laying them out.  Here is a little guide to help you if you feel stuck… What is a Crystal Grid? Crystal grids strengthen the power of the crystals within them by evoking the mantra of power in numbers.  The sacred geometric patterns...
  • Kickstart your day with a morning routine

    Kickstart your day with a morning routine
    Here in the Southern Hemisphere we are heading into Spring.   Many of us tend to hibernate a bit over Winter and it’s easy to get out of an active morning routine.  Here are some ideas to get yourself back into a healthy energy boosting mood in the morning.  Drink a glass of warm lemon water on waking   An easy way to do this...
  • How to reclaim your energy with these selfcare practices!

    Self Care - such a big topic at the moment but what does it actually mean?We like the analogy of the airplane. If there is a problem while flying, you need to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else. This is the same for self care. If you are not looking after yourself as number one then you won’t have enough...
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