• How to calm your mind before bed

    Hopping into bed knowing you are exhausted and then …. your mind begins to race. You feel wide awake, on high alert and at the same time frustrated. Why can’t you sleep when you know how depleted you really feel? A busy mind before bed is completely justified these days. With the amount of information your brain processes during the day, the accumulation of...
  • 5 Powerful Rituals to try during the Full Moon

    5 Powerful Rituals to try during the full moon.  A full moon occurs when the sun is exactly opposite the moon - this is always a monthly opportunity to bring things to a close. It’s also a great time to release what is no longer serving you. This is also a great opportunity to manifest and create. How to work with the magic of...
  • How to ground and activate your base chakra!

    Did you know that walking barefoot on the earth has major health benefits?   Ever wondered why children have an innate knowledge to walk barefoot? They are in-tune with the rhythm of nature,  If you think about it, it’s only the last few hundred years that shoes have become part of what we wear every day. And only in the last 50 years or...
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