Prehnite: The Mysterious Glittery Crystal

Have you guys heard of Prehnite? It's one of the less talked about crystals out there but is truly stunning in its own right.

Its appearance glittery at first, however, it can then be polished into a translucent, slightly milky-coloured stone, making it the perfect understated gemstone for jewellery or to carry with you. 

What is Prehnite Used For?

Despite the fact it is relatively unheard of, Prehnite has a number of uses and is powerful in its own right. 

Firstly, it's associated with memory and divinity. If you're a Spiritual Babe looking to increase your skills and knowledge in these areas, Prehnite might just be the crystal for you. Having a good memory is a sought-after tool to have and can be extremely powerful.

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Gurus the world over have spent thousands of years developing and perfecting memory-building techniques with spells and rituals,  and although a piece of Prehnite won't have the same effect as this - it can make a big impact! 

If it's an interest in divination you are pursuing then Prehnite is the must have stone for you. Its powers in this area are very significant - in fact, Prehnite is said to bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical world. 

How to Use Prehnite

If you need help clearing your mind, making it ready to receive and store new information, you can do this by using Prehnite as a central focus in your meditations. 

When it comes to divination, Prehnite is the perfect stone to use however it needs to be charged before use (by being held under running water) and then placed in an area with natural light and nothing between it and the sky. 

If you're not a diviner, the best way to use Prehnite is by wearing it - either as a piece of jewellery or on your person. As it's most attuned to your third eye chakra, you should try to wear it as close to that chakra as possible. The easiest way to do this is to wear a pair of Prehnite earrings.... they look stunning too! 

Despite all of this, it's not always recommended that you use Prehnite in your home. Why? Well, Prehnite can bring a strong psychic energy into your home - and this may not always be desirable. Not everyone can stand strong psychic powers and while you may be OK, a sensitive friend or partner may become overwhelmed by the powerful energies.  

Prehnite Partners: Which Crystals are Best to Use with Prehnite? 

Other 'crown' chakra stones, such as Amethyst and clear quartz, are well suited to be paired with Prehnite. These crystals enhance spiritual understanding and when combined with Prehnite, they are the perfect stones to create a truly wise Spiritual Babe.  

astral collective, prehnite, crystals, meditation, wellness

Garnet and Jasper also complement Prehnite. They help tie you to what is real and ensure that you use your intuition for practical and useful purposes only.

You might also want to combine Prehnite with other chakra's stones to tackle specific issues or manifestations.

Don't Underestimate the Powers of Magical Prehnite! 

Despite being relatively new in the world of crystals and crystology, Prehnite is a stone worth exploring further!

It's not only beautiful in appearance, but it has such powerful energies when it comes to memory enhancement and psychic energising! All of this means it can have a very positive effect on your life and the manifestations you are focusing on. 

Let's face it - we could all use a little extra help when it comes to enhancing our memory (who has exams coming up?!) and this unique-looking stone could be the little boost you need!





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