How to Release Your Throat Chakra and Let Your Words Flow

As you know, we each have seven chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown. These are centres within our body, through which energy flows. 

As blocked energy in any of the seven chakras can lead to illness and upset, it's important to understand what each chakra represents and how to keep the energy flowing freely through each one. 

The throat chakra, in particular, gives us the ability to communicate. A blockage may mean we're unable to express our thoughts, feelings or the truth about certain issues. Thankfully, healing our throat chakra by releasing it and letting energy flow through it, is easier than you might think. 

Could Your Throat Chakra Be Blocked? 

Before any healing or releasing of your throat chakra can take place, how are you supposed to know it is even blocked? Well, there are a few tell-tale signs you can look out for: 

If you're postponing taking action to make important decisions in your life your throat chakra may be blocked. We might stay in old habits or patterns and although we know we need to take action on these behaviours or thought patterns, we refrain from moving forward and making critical changes. 

You may be unable to express your ideas, opinions and decisions. You might not have the courage to make the choices you need to make. You could be lacking in faith in the Divine - questioning why things happen the way they do, rather than trusting in a greater spiritual plan. 

Physical issues might be that you're suffering thyroid problems, addiction or a chronic sore throat. The throat chakra is responsible for the flow of hormones and function of the throat and head, including the trachea, mouth, teeth, nose and ears.   

If you're suffering any of these things or in any of these areas, it might pay to further investigate your throat chakra and whether it is blocked. 

How to Unblock and Release Your Throat Chakra

If your throat chakra is blocked, you'll no doubt want to release it so that you can experience a free flow of words and expression. The good news is: it's possible to do this yourself and start experiencing wonderful self-expression and confidence in your decision making. 

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There are several ways to unblock and release your throat chakra, it's up to you to explore and discover which one is right for you: 

Crystal Healing
The colour blue is closely associated with the throat chakra, so any blue crystal or gemstone will work well for healing this particular chakra. 

Lie down and place your chosen throat chakra crystal or crystals over your throat (in a grid formation if you're using more than one stone), then close your eyes and breathe deeply - allowing yourself to enter a meditative state. Repeat this regularly and record your feelings - and what you gain from the meditation - in your journal. 

Certain yoga postures, or asanas as they are known, can open and balance your throat chakra. There are a number of asanas which can be included in your daily yoga practice to assist in opening, unblocking and balancing your fifth chakra, and by opening this chakra you are making way for other chakras to become unblocked and for energy to flow freely. 

Practising meditation regularly can be a great way to open your throat chakra and clear any energy blockages. While you're meditating, imagine the colour blue - a beautiful bright blue light - at the base of your throat. Visualise this colour as your inhale deeply. As you breathe out again you may feel a warm or cool sensation. 

Throat Chakra Release Balm 
This calming blend of refreshing peppermint, spicy frankincense oil and relaxing lavender helps to unblock and release any blocks you might have in communication or expression, by focusing on the water element chakra. 

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Simply massage our Throat Chakra Release Balm into the front and back of your throat. Visualise a bright blue light as you do this, and try to picture the energy of the throat chakra flowing through this area. 

The Benefits of Having an Open Throat Chakra 

When your fifth chakra, the throat chakra, is balanced and free-flowing with positive energy, you'll have no problem expressing yourself to the world! 

You may find you're more creative and will have no issue at all with offering helpful advice when friends, family or loved ones ask for it. You'll have confidence in knowing what you want out of life and you won't hold back from asking for it.... in turn, you'll find that what you ask for in life comes to you with very little effort on your part!

You'll be able to express your weaknesses and people will respect you for it - after all, when you can speak the truth, you become truly free. 

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