Beautiful Morning Ritual to Empower your Day and Change your Life ⭐

The way we start our day can often hold the energy of how the rest of our day will continue.

Try this ritual when you wake up to set yourself up for the day ahead.  Give yourself time to welcome your mind, body and soul into the day.  Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier to allow this ritual to take place.


Wake up in calm 😌

How do you wake up?  Pick an alarm that is soothing and doesn’t scare you awake!  I phones have a bird song alarm that is like waking up in nature, or pick a song that you love.  

Welcome yourself into the day 🌻

Upon waking, keep your eyes closed, bring your awareness to your feet, your legs, torso, arms and head.  Say good morning to your body by wiggling each part as you focus your awareness and thank your body for allowing you to get out of bed,  to move ahead with your day and for your health.  Wayne Dyer (if you don’t know who he is - google him!!) always told the story that every morning at 4 am he would wake up and when his feet touched the floor he would say ‘Thank you” out loud.  We often forget how special our body is and what it does for us.  Gratitude is one of the keys of life.

Practice Gratitude or Set your Intention 🙏

You can practice morning gratitude at this moment or set your intention for the day.

I am grateful for my health

I am grateful for the abundance that I have

I am grateful for the sun on my face

My intention is to not judge anyone today

My intention is to live in the present moment

My intention is to bring joy to myself and those around me

You will be surprised at how this conscious start can flow on to the rest of your day.   A Harvard Business Review survey found that individuals who watched just three minutes of negative news in the morning had a whopping 27% greater likelihood of reporting their day as unhappy six to eight hours later compared to the positive condition.

Our minds create perceptions and our perceptions result in chemical changes in our bodies that ultimately affect our biology.  In other words, how we think has an effect on how we feel.  And how we feel, in turn, affects how we think.

Get Guidance from your Higher Self 

Lastly, finish your ritual by pulling a card from a deck you love, asking for a message for the day ahead. Having started the day in this way you will be more connected with your higher self.  Use this time to ask what you need to know, what you need to focus on.  

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