11:11 Portal - what it means and a ritual to acitvate your acension 💫

November is always a special month as it has the 11 frequency which in Numerology is a master number.  11 signifies higher realms and spiritual awakening.  It is the teacher number, and can also represent coming into alignment with your higher self.  

1 represents the individual - the I AM, whereas 11 is 2 individuals standing together.  We are here in this consciousness to experience ourselves through others, and this is what the 11 shows us.  This frequency can help take us to higher consciousness, other dimensions outside of space and time. 

The two 1’s together look like portals or pillars next to each other, an opening to another world.  We see this in the High Priestess card in tarot too, the two pillars either side of the Priestess, holding the veil to another realm.  How do we get through the veil?  

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All through November we can tap into this 11 frequency and on certain days the vibration is higher.  If you are finding it hard to access then try meditation, getting out in nature or journaling. 

The 11th of November is a powerful day as it has the 11/11 frequency - 1111 is a power number in astrology and an angel number (how often do you see 11:11 on a clock!?)  Use this day to set your intentions and manifest away!

You can also try this ritual on 11/11 to manifest during this powerful vibration.  Other days to do this in November are the 19th and 29th.  These days also have a 1 vibration in Numerology. 

  • Sit quietly, breathe deeply and write freely.  Journal what you would like to manifest, what you want to bring into your life.  Don’t think about what you are writing, just let the ideas flow onto the paper.
  • Once you have finished look through and highlight any key areas or ideas that you would like to focus more on to bring into your life. Think of the emotion that is associated with this happening.  How would you feel? 
  • Close your eyes and see in your third eye those things happening.  Feel the emotion associated with it coming from your heart space.  Merge the seeing and feeling together.  Give yourself permission to bring this into your life.  You can say out loud “I give myself permission to feel (what you want to manifest) and bring more of this energy into my life starting from today”
  • Sit with this for 11 minutes.  Enjoy it.  Feel the joy and happiness sweep over you.  Ask your guides to be with you during this time.
  • Thank yourself, thank your guides and thank the Universe for allowing this energy to come freely to you.  Watch out for signs or synchronicities that the Universe will give you, showing you that you are on the right path.  During November it could be 11:11 on a clock or words of a song.  Our higher self is always trying to communicate with you - you just have to slow down and listen. 

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Enjoy this powerful vibration goddesses!!  

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