Aqua Aura Crystal: What it Means and How to Use It

With a name like 'Aqua Aura Crystal', it's no wonder that this stone is absolutely stunning to look at. Electric blue with hints of rainbow luminosity, this crystal is one of the most popular aura quartz. 

The Aqua Aura Quartz is often named a success or abundance stone and is said to bring both prosperity and wealth to those who carry it. So, how should you use this mesmerizing stone? 

What is Aqua Aura Quartz Used For? 

This beautiful blue Aura Quartz has a number of helpful benefits. By stimulating your throat chakra, the Aqua Aura Crystal can assist you with communication and verbalising your thoughts, if that's something you struggle with. It can also help you to uncover truths about yourself - even those you never realised existed! 

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The Aqua Aura Quartz is commonly known as the stone of the mind and can be very helpful when you're working on directing or focusing your energy towards a goal or manifestation. It may give you the ability to concentrate harder, as well as offering mental clarity. Aqua Aura Quartz is often used in meditation, as it assist in amplifying the thoughts and developing the spirit - and hey, we could all use a little bit of assistance in those areas, from time to time! 

If you're a particularly psychic babe, and you wish to increase your psychic abilities and awareness, then this crystal could be the tool for you. It works to strengthen meditation which can, in turn, enhance psychic endeavours. It may also promote telepathy and clairvoyance .... if you're inclined in those areas. 

How to Use Aqua Aura Quartz

So, this crystal harnesses a shed load of power.... but how do you make the most of that energy and use it to your advantage? Well, the easiest way is to wear an Aqua Aura Quartz on your body to ensure that its energies are always close to you. This is possible by wearing the crystal as a pendant on a necklace, or as a ring. 

Placing Aqua Aura Quartz around your office or home will also harness its healing energies. If its help with your career you are after, or you need some direction about your life path, placing an Aqua Aura Quartz in the northernmost part of your room, home or office, may provide you with assistance in these areas. 

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Placing your crystal in the west or northwest area of your home or room, invites more positive energies in and opens you to the presence of wonderful people. 

We say: bring it on! These crystals not only bring positive energy and direction into your life, but they look stunning placed around the home as well. 

Aqua Aura Quartz and Other Crystals 

The gorgeous blue Aqua Aura Quartz works well when paired with other high vibe'n stones like green amethyst, citrine, seraphinite, lapis lazuli and tanzanite.

If it's peace and harmony you're chasing, this crystal can be combined with rainbow labradorite, opal, moldavite and our favourite - the calming purple amethyst. 

We're Blue for You.... 

We can't get enough of the iridescent sparkle of the Aqua Aura Crystal. It's high vibing energy and rainbow shimmering appearance makes it the perfect crystal to have around you home or office. 

For babes who receive our Astral Box, you'll be getting an Aqua Aura Quartz cluster in your Mermaid Edition box this month! We'd love to see how you put this beautiful crystal to use, make sure you tag us on the 'Gram! 



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