Top 3 Goddess Rituals

Top 3 goddess rituals

Every goddess needs a few rituals up her sleeve. We have put together our top three rituals that are easy to implement into your day. These rituals will help you align to your inner goddess and set yourself up for abundance, connection and manifestation magic.

Morning Ritual

It’s really important to set the scene and vibration for your day. How you start your day can depict how the rest of your day unfolds. Think of your mood, the energy you emit and the energy you attract. Remember that what you think, feel and emit is part of your manifestation journey. Getting this part right is crucial for attracting what you want into your life.

We love to start our day with burning a Palo Santo stick or a cone of incense - not only does it smell amazing but it’s a beautiful way to clear your space and energy. Click here for some incense ideas

Light your incense or Palo Santo stick, close your eyes and ask for the protection and guidance of your guides for the day ahead. Take three deep breaths and walk into your day with confidence!

Crystals Ritual

Crystals are a goddesses best friend and her A to Z along her spiritual journey . Crystals can be used for attracting abundance, protection, clearing chakras, manifesting and shifting emotions.

We don’t go anywhere without at least one crystal in tow. Carry them in your handbag, put them in your bra, wear crystal jewellery or adorn your house, bedroom or office. Work with the healing magic of crystals to align to your greatest good and highest timeline.

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Oracle or Tarot Cards Ritual

A goddess always uses her intuition as her biggest asset. It’s the gateway to clarity, wisdom and growth. We adore oracle cards, tarot cards, angel cards, fairy cards - we can’t get enough.

Playing with cards is a fun way to fine-tune your intuition. Find a quiet place, ask for your guides protection and support including the highest vibrations of love and light to surround you.

Ask a question and pull a card. Use the imagery of the card, the explanation of the card in the handbook and your gut feel about what wisdom it's sharing with you.

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