How to reclaim your energy with these selfcare practices!

Self Care - such a big topic at the moment but what does it actually mean?

We like the analogy of the airplane. If there is a problem while flying, you need to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else.

This is the same for self care. If you are not looking after yourself as number one then you won’t have enough energy to give to others.

Most of you reading this will be women. Women who work, look after children, care for family members, have partners, the list goes on. Caring for others in our DNA. But in today's busy world - striving for the title of Superwoman - just leads to burnout.. We get stressed and fatigued.

Stress is the number one cause of diseases - we are literally making ourselves sick!

How can we stop this?

Our top 3 Self Care practices:

  • MAKE time for yourself. Whether it is getting up 5 mins early to sit and have a cup of coffee or gather your thoughts, these extra few minutes can have a huge impact on your day. Take 5 mins where you can. Go for a walk on your lunch break. Sit in the car before going inside and blast your favourite song. Do something for YOU.

  • Book in a date night for yourself! Our Self Care box is full of products to pamper yourself and create ongoing rituals to increase your health and wellness. Have you tried tongue scraping? This is an ancient way of removing toxins from your body, improving digestion and keeps your breath fresh!

  • Keep those greens up! Remember we are what we eat, and filling our body with wholesome food is going to keep our energy levels up and give our cells the nutrition they need. Feeling good mentally can come from our diet so try keeping a diary of all the good food you ate that day.

Start now - it doesn’t cost anything to give yourself some time…. You will thank yourself for it!

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