Meditation Crystal Set
A set of six different crystals to calm and ground you and to clear negative energies: Blue Calcite to clear negative emotions and aid rest and relaxation Rose Quartz to bring more love into your life and deepen your connection with the Heart Chakra Yellow Jade to bring you wisdom, courage...
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Tranquility Box
A box curated especially to calm you and bring tranquility to your space so that you can find your peace every single day. Inside this box you will discover: Stress Reduction Deck by eResonance Hanged Man Aromatherapy Roller by Spirit Element Limited Edition...
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Amethyst Raw Cluster
Amethyst Cluster Chakra: Crown Chakra In The House: Northeast corner of home for spiritual growth and self-cultivation, Southeast for wealth and abundance.  Moments To Use:  If you are going through an intensely emotional time in your life, if there are excessive arguments and misunderstandings...
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