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April Tarotscopes

Blossoming Into Your Truest Self

By Jordan Parker Reed

Introducing Tarotscopes, a personalized tarot reading for all 12 horoscopes. Growing up, I loved reading my horoscope and discovering more about myself. So, if you’re like me and appreciate a timely horoscope that’s influenced by the teachings of the tarot, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get to it, shall we?

The card for the month of April is The Devil

The Devil
I know what you must be thinking—what does THAT mean?!?!
But The Devil is a powerful card full of wisdom. It asks the question: What is holding us down? What are we not letting go which is past its prime?

So, in the spirit of the Devil, consider this in the coming weeks: What is holding you back and keeping you from growing and blossoming into your truest self? How can you let go of what no longer serves you?

Read on to discover your individual horoscope’s tarot message for this month...

Aries: The Moon

The Moon
Your tendency to go full speed ahead is being tempered this month with The Moon. You might feel tempted to fill up your calendar with things to do and people to see, but The Moon reminds us that there is value in being quiet and still. You’ll benefit more by slowing down than speeding up. Spend some nights where you can just be with yourself and the moon’s energy. It will nourish your soul. 

Taurus: Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords
The Queen of Swords reminds you that you are the master of your own voice. This card encourages you to speak your truth, no matter what people may think or how they might view you. Tap into your inner strength to share your gifts and knowledge with the world.

Gemini: Four of Swords

Four of Swords  

Has your mind been racing these days? The Four of Swords is a sign that you might benefit greatly from getting quiet and inviting stillness into your routine. Steer clear from making big decisions this month, if you can. You might need extra time to think and process, so make time for that. It will provide clarity down the road. 


Cancer: King of Wands

King of Wands

Have you felt like youve hit your stride lately in your creative endeavors? With the King of Wands, its clear that youve put a lot of time and hard work into shaping and refining your passion. Your inner fire has plenty of glowing embers that will stay burning for a long time. You may even find yourself guiding and inspiring others this month.

Leo: Five of Wands

Five of Wands
You may struggle this month to see eye-to-eye with those around you. You may even feel like you’re in a full-on battle, fighting for what you believe. Rather than get frustrated or beaten down by this feud, allow it to refine what you believe in and what you want to achieve. What can you learn from this? There may be a lesson waiting if you keep your heart and mind open. 

Virgo: Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups
Your emotional cup is full this month. The Nine of Cups embodies fullness and emotional stability. In the coming weeks, you’ll be met with happiness and bliss. Don’t take it for granted, Virgos. Soak it all in. Be grateful for everything in your life, and share that gratitude with those around you. 

Libra: The Emperor

The Emperor
You’ve been craving stability these last few weeks. It’s time to settle in and find your footing. The Emperor is like a mountain: Strong and permanent. Be like the Emperor this month. Stand your ground and carve out some boundaries. A consistent, daily routine might help you feel more grounded. 

Scorpio: Justice

Are you navigating a tricky situation? Do you feel as though you’ve been judged unfairly? Or perhaps you judged another too quickly. The Justice card invites us to take a pragmatic look at a situation, our lives, or whatever might be worrying us, in order to weigh both sides equally and fairly. 

Sagittarius: Temperance

Temperance is all about balance. Is that something you’ve been yearning for lately? If you feel a bit off-kilter, take a look at how you can bring balance into your everyday life. Running around with a packed schedule? Do some deep breathing or quiet meditation when you have a few moments to spare. Do you feel lethargic and unmotivated? Get outside and go for a walk or better yet, call up a friend and do something together. Strive for equilibrium this month.

Capricorn: The World

The World
The world is your oyster. You may have recently received an opportunity that feels a bit challenging yet exciting at the same time. This is an invitation for growth. Don’t miss out on this chance to prove yourself and evolve! 

Aquarius: Five of Wands

Five of Wands

Youre in a battle with yourself, Aquarians. A thought or an idea has been nagging at you and you can’t (or won’t) come to terms with what it truly means. Its time to be honest with yourself and with those around you. You cant be in battle forever. Eventually, youre going to have to make a decision.

Pisces: Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups

There is a door ahead of you, but you have to meet it and open it. It won’t open on its own. If you feel like you’re venturing into uncharted territory, it means you’re growing and changing and not letting a little discomfort hold you back. Change, while uncomfortable at times, can be the exact thing we need—a balm for our souls. 
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