Welcome to the Moon Oracle Guide! 
You can use the Moon Oracle Deck in a couple of different ways. 
Method One

This ones very simple, and you may already be familiar with it if you enjoy Tarot Cards or have a different Oracle Deck. Shuffle the cards in your hands and draw a card randomly. You can ask a question or think of a general feeling that you need support with while you shuffle. 

The card you draw will prompt you to reflect on the action it suggests. Try applying the suggested activity during your day, or even better apply a 21 day challenge and do it everyday. 

You can also reflect on that Moon Phase, look up what it means on the Guide Card (The one that explains the meanings of all the moon phases). Ask yourself if it is a reflection of what is going on for you? Do you need more of this in your life? Do you need to action these values?

You can use this Method as many times as you like, whenever you like!
A great tool for gaining clarity, jump starting a new positive habit, and kick starting your goals. 

Method Two
Using the Moon Oracle Deck in conjunction with the Moon. 
In this Deck there are cards for every single phase during the month. 

You can choose a card based on whatever phase the Moon is in at that time, the actions on each card align to that Moon Phase energy. 

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