Cleansing Reset Shower Ritual

Cleansing Shower Ritual  

Water is a sacred element that connects all living creatures. It nourishes the land and our bodies, connects rivers to oceans, and acts as a conduit for the spirit world. Throughout times and across cultures, water is used for cleansing, anointing, and baptismal purposes. This ritual will help you channel the potent metaphysical properties of water for the purpose of healing, releasing, and purifying.

Set Up Your Space

Light some candles or incense in your home or bathroom to evoke the fire element. If you can’t actually light anything, you can use can a candle warmer or oil diffuser. Opt for scents that calm and soothe, like eucalyptus or lavender. The goal is to incorporate fire, but not to let it dominate your ritual. It’s about steadying the flickering flame rather than sparking it.

Step Into Your Shower

Taking deep breaths, turn on the shower to your preferred temperature. Step into it like your stepping into your power; what does it feel like to have everything you ever dreamed of? What’s it like to experience to revel in the joyful abundance of your life? This step is a vital part of the manifestation process; you can’t just want something, you have to feel that you already have it.

As your cleaning your body, imagine self-doubt, fear, and negative self-talk dripping down the drain. It passes over you like rain on a coat, touching the surface but never penetrating beyond your skin. Let go of whatever beliefs others have taught you about yourself, whether it’s your parents, society, friends, or past partners. Only your personal opinion matters. 

While this ritual aims to encourage positive feelings, don’t shy away from tough negative ones that come up. It’s normal to feel scared, overwhelmed, uncomfortable. Simply let it exist in the safe space you’ve created, and allow it to move on once you’ve felt it. Allow the steady rhythm of a shower to guide your emotional expression; running through you and dwindling down the drain. 

Closing the Ritual

Even though this ritual is short, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your beauty routine. Once you’re dried yourself off, lather your skin in lotions, creams, or balms. Do the little things that make you feel radiant and fresh. Create time for small pleasures. 

As you're closing your ritual, take the time to express gratitude. To your body, your spirit, your health. You have carried yourself far, even through difficult circumstances. Appreciate what you’ve accomplished and acknowledge that you’re capable of achieving more. But at this moment, remember that you are enough. Feel what those words mean: I am enough. Is it a steady thump in your chest? A subtle rise in your chin? Notice how your body responds to that thought and repeat, repeat, repeat. 

Everyday Practice

This cleansing ritual is short and sweet for a reason; it’s a chance to reset yourself as you begin, continue, or close your day. Its purpose is to remind you that there are always small moments to rejuvenate, even when you feel like your day is jam-packed with endless things to do. Once you make it a habitual practice, it’ll be something you look forward to.

Take sacred showers as often as you’d like, going through the motions like it’s the first time you did it: create the space, feel the feels, and step out of it feeling like you can conquer the world. 


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