Palo Santo Wood Sticks (Large)
Palo Santo 3 pack (Large) - To raise your vibration, purify and cleanse your space.A natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing. The smell of Palo Santo helps bring peace and clarity to the...
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Meditation Crystal Set
A set of six different crystals to calm and ground you and to clear negative energies: Blue Calcite to clear negative emotions and aid rest and relaxation Rose Quartz to bring more love into your life and deepen your connection with the Heart Chakra Yellow Jade to bring you wisdom, courage...
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Shungite Amethyst Bracelet
Who else protects themselves from EMF? Shungite bracelets shield you from EMF frequencies (i.e. your phone, wifi etc). The amethyst crystals add a calming effect.  What a perfect match x  
$10.00 $5.00
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Sacred Future Tote Bag
👁 Not just any Tote Bag.... this one is sacred👁 The Future Tote Bag is available exclusively on our store. Beautifully designed and great for the planet! 
$14.00 $13.00
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Female Rituals Steam Therapy
FROM FEMALE RITUALS YONI STEAMING HERBS IMPROVES FEMININE WELLNESS: This form of hydrotherapy utilizes herbal infusions from mother earth into a warm relaxing bath that you sit over and allows you absorb the steam vapors. YONI DETOX CLEANSING: Provides gentle...
$12.00 $5.00
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