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'Don't Kill My Vibes' Palo Santo & Frankincense Smudge Mist

'Don't Kill My Vibes' Palo Santo & Frankincense Smudge Mist


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"Witch Don't Kill My Vibe!"

This Smokeless Smudge Mist is perfect for the moments when it's really inappropriate to start lighting stuff on fire ;)

Palo Santo AKA holy wood is used to cleanse a space. This is done by lighting the wood on fire and dispersing it in the smoke. Instead, we've created a Palo Santo infused water. Our smokeless smudge is also combined with Frankincense water, Usually burnt in resin form to clear bad energy from a space, it is often used for a heightening a spiritual experience. We've also added in some clear quartz to amplify the Palo Santo + Frankincense while adding its own healing vibes.

How to cleanse a space: Walk around your workspace, home, car, bathroom or anywhere you would like to clear the energy, misting the area as much or as little as you like. The smell also helps bring peace and clarity to the moment and is lovely to do when you feel a little stressed or overwhelmed

Fun Fact: All the Palo Santo we use comes from a sustainable source, it is not cultivated or farmed! It comes from trees that are found fallen due to natures own rhythm

*crystals and palo santo in photo not included.

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