Shadow Box (Only a Few Left!)

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 A box to help you embrace your shadow side and live your life in total balance. 

What you will discover inside:

  • Pumpkin Spice Drip Aroma Oil by Reverse Karma
  • Protection Witch Candle by Moonlust Divination
  • Raw Citrine Gem Necklace
  • Limited Edition Astral Cotton MoonMoth Socks
  • Sandal Wood Incense

What is Shadow Work?

The idea of the shadow self was first conceived by Carl Jung, a 20th century psychologist. The word 'shadow' refers to the hidden parts of our being. This might be a part of ourselves we are trying to repress because they make us feel sad or wounded.

When we embrace our shadow side our full self is acknowledged and we can live life in total balance.


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