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Quartz Twin Point


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Quartz Twin Point
Quartz Twin Point Quartz Twin Point Quartz Twin Point


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The crystal in the images is the one you will get. 

Weight: 441 grams

This Twin Quartz point is quite big, weighing just under half a kg and around 8cm at its longest point. A stunning twin point quartz that looks as if they are supporting and leaning on each other. 

Spiritual: Twin Crystals are exactly parallel to each other and there is no boundary between the two crystals. Twin Crystal is also known as Soulmate Quartz.

Twin Points have a soothing and calming energy into your life. It will enhance your imagination and creativity.

When you’re experiencing conflicting emotions, Twin Crystal bring you grounding and harmonizing energies.


A Twin Crystal has two terminations at the same end that have developed from a single base.

Chakra System: Crown Chakra, Sacral Chakra and Root Chakra

Birthstone: April

Please note that different lighting will make the gemstones appear differently in images. 

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