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Luna Box


Or 6 payments from $12.83 Laybuy What's this?
Luna Box


Or 6 payments from

$12.83 Laybuy What's this?

🌙 This box is filled with everything Love, Luna and Learning.

We cannot wait to share the magic of this Astral Box, the many women run brands inside it that you are about to meet, and the natural rhythm of the moon entwined in our everyday lives.

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🌙Moon Light Body Oil
Back by popular demand! This Moon Light Body Oil gives you subtle shimmer with heavenly scents & natural nourishing oils. Sweet Almond Oil and Jojoba moisturise and nourish your skin leaving it soft. Ylang ylang is used to maintain moisture in the skin, leaving it hydrated and glowing.

🌙Opalite Moon Crescent
Opalite is used spiritually for feelings of peace, calm, and reaching your higher self. This man made stone is similar in structure to Opal, with tiny spheres of Silicon Dioxide which stack onto each other in a pyramid grid shape. Which gives it the stunning effects in different lights.

🌙Band of Weirdos Moonstone Pin @bandofweirdos
This custom pin is designed by Jacie, the Cincinnati-based artist behind the brand Band Of Weirdos where you will find clothing, accessories, paper goods and gifts that mix nerdy loves with nostalgia and sass!
Moonstone crystals are used to channel intuition, renewal and feminine power. They are linked to the energy of the moon and its ability to influence our flowing emotions. This pin is a reminder that you hold the same power.

🌙The Lunar Tea Co New Moon Blend @thelunarteaco
The Lunar Tea Company. Hand curated and organic Lunar Cycle teas for life, ritual, and moon magic. The intention behind the NEW MOON Blend, is to tap into the divine feminine essence. Create deep comfort and a feeling of ‘at home’ in the body, the drinker will be in a optimal space for soul manifestation.

🌙CohenKshop Gold Moon Hanging. @cohenkshop
Set your intentions with our magical moon hanging. The moon phases symbolize immortality and eternity, and will guide you to the your own light, or the dark side of nature herself. Cohenkshop started out with a young mother's dream to create beautiful and inspiring decor

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