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Citrine Geode


Or 6 payments from $22.16 Laybuy What's this?
Citrine Geode
Citrine Geode Citrine Geode Citrine Geode Citrine Geode Citrine Geode


Or 6 payments from

$22.16 Laybuy What's this?

The crystal in the images is the one you will get. 

Weight: 638 grams

Spiritual: Citrine is a stone as bright as its energy. Everything about this stone emanates positivity and joy. Even its name, which is derived from the French word for lemon, carries a sense of sun and joy attached to it. Citrine properties are linked to the creative process.  It enhances mental clarity and allows for the flow of ideas and visualizing. Especially when used in meditation, this citrine property is very effective in strengthening mental output and establishing goals!

Physical: Pale yellow to a brownish hue, citrine is a transparent quartz composed of silicon dioxide. While its crystal system gives citrine its trigonal cellular shape, its yellow tint comes from iron. Citrine is found in igneous rocks, as the result of intense heat, and metamorphic rocks, such as granite.

Chakra System: Citrine is associated with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. By connecting with the sacral chakra, the citrine healing properties are most effective in stimulating an increase in sexual and creative fertility. The conception of both ideas and life can be plentiful under citrine’s power to motivate. It also links to the root chakra to bring the physical energy up to the emotional 

Birthstone: November

Star Sign: Cancer, Aries, Gemini, Libra.

Placement:  This Citrine is beautiful for decorated and it's meanings can lead it to being used in a few places. (You can put it anywhere if you like though) It can be placed in the bedroom, to bring light and abundance into the intimacy space. Citrine stone can also be implemented into the office or workspace for added prosperity and creativity.


Please note that different lighting will make the gemstones appear differently in images. 

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