Beginners Guide To Reading Tarot

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Tarot is a wonderful tool for self reflection, meditation and working with your intuition. It can help you in moments of emotional overwhelm to ground yourself and sort through your own thoughts. It can also help you set a new path in life and work on your goals.

Inside this course we will guide you through all of the above with guides and step by step practical steps to becoming an expert at reading your Tarot Cards. You'll be reading your own full Tarot Spreads and have a Daily reflective practise by the end of this course. 

We are very excited to be able to teach you how to bring this into your sacred self-care practise!

What You'll Learn

  • How to use Tarot to bring out your intuition, confidence and self worth.
  • Daily meditative and reflective rituals.
  • Be able to read cards without looking at the Guidebook.
  • How to add Astrology and Numerology to Tarot Reading.
  • Be able to do multi-card spreads and read them!
  • Be able to make connections between cards.
  • How to spot special messages or recurring themes in a Tarot Spread.
  • Lessons for making Tarot reading your own, and creating your own reading style!
  • Optional but highly recommended: End the course with your own Tarot Journal filled with everything you've learnt, and everything that you'll carry with you as a reflection tool. 

Course Outline

  • Class 1: Intro
  • Class 2: Using Guidebooks, Symbology and How To Begin Creating your own intuitive meanings.
  • Class 3: How Astrology and Numerology Connect to Tarot
  • Class 4: Learning About Your Tarot Deck As A Whole.
  • Class 5: The Major Arcana.
  • Class 6: Intuitively Reading Tarot and Every Day Practice.
  • Class 7: Developing Your Own Reading Style.
  • Class 8: Overview and Helpful Tips. 

Downloads (You will be able to download these guides and activity sheets to assist with your learning!)

  • Numerology and Tarot Quick Guide
  • 3x Tarot Spreads Guides
  • Tarot Suits Guide
  • Tarot Elements Guide
  • Astrology, Elements and the Cards they relate to. 


This course is self paced to suit all peoples different daily and family commitments. If done class by class we would recommend pacing yourself over 6-8 weeks as there are many activities and practical work to get stuck into.


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