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Astral Box (One Time Purchase)


Or 6 payments from $12.83 Laybuy What's this?
Astral Box (One Time Purchase)


Or 6 payments from

$12.83 Laybuy What's this?

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🌼 Get ready for Sunshine Feelings, Petal Vibes and Flower Magic! 🌼

Unleash your inner flower child and connect with nature.  

What's inside the Flower Child Box...?
(total retail value $144nzd)
  • Flower of Life Crystal Grid:
    Use this sacred geometry and your new crystals to celebrate the framework of the universe represented in this pattern.
  • Mini Crystal Grid Kit:
    A mini crystal kit to use with your crystal grid! Raw citrine for manifestation and sunshine + clear quartz points to amplify, energise and heal.
  • Desert Rose Crystal:
    Use with your crystal grid for clarity if mind, helps with muddled thoughts.A type of selenite gypsum that is forms "petals" through natural elements.
  • Flower Soy Candle:
    Premium soy wax lovingly hand poured will last you up to 9 hours. Infused with rose petals and Clear Quartz to harness flower power and bring out your inner flower child.
  • Flower Patch:
    Stay wild flower child with your new Flower patch that can be attached to bags, clothes or where ever you like!
  • Don't Kill My Vibe Smokeless Smudge Mist:
    Sometimes burning smudges is a lil hard (especially at work... ). Now you can carry it in your bag for good vibes and cleansing where ever you go. Enjoy the mystical, slightly spicy, woody aroma of the Palo Santo + Frankincense Floral Water blend.
  • Flower Child Facial Steam:
    Breathe deep and reconnect with yourself while this heavenly floral steam made of a blend of flowers + herbs soothe, calm and heal while promoting skin circulation.