Hi Astral Family!  

Being part of Astral Collective and having the opportunity to plan and choose amazing items for the boxes each month for you is a dream come true!

A bit about me - I have always been interested in spirituality, being drawn to numerology at a young age.  After having my two boys, I became more focused around wellness and how I could use this to benefit my family, this leading me to studying health coaching with IIN.  My life changed through this as I found yoga and mindfulness and my passion for spirituality ignited again.

In 2016 I was lucky enough to go on a month-long spiritual trip to India and since then, learning more and more has always been on the forefront of my mind.  What really interests me is quantum and metaphysics - how the science of energy can be used to benefit us fascinates me.  I really do believe we can create our own reality through the power of our mind.  

Manifestation is something I am really passionate about and I can’t wait to share with all of you some tips and ways to bring what you want into your life!  So far on my journey I have also studied tarot, reiki, elohim and theta healing and I am still learning every day.  

Tarryn and I both have a real passion for teaching kids about how to connect with their inner knowing and we can’t wait to share our workshops around this through the Astral School.

Also keep in touch to hear more about our online courses coming up around manifestation, numerology and keeping your vibration high :)

Love and light

Catherine xx


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