The Astral Collective was created as a way to put out good vibes, delivered through monthly subscription boxes themed to bring joy and to create daily magic. 

In November 2021 Catherine and Tarryn took over the ownership with a renewed passion and vision.  

Their passion is to create a destination platform for all things self care and well-being focused.  Think of it as your one stop shop. Either subscribe for a monthly astral box to treat yourself or indulge in beautiful self care gifts for someone you love. 

The new learning hub will help you delve a little deeper.  You’ll have access to meditations, blog posts and the shining beacon of courses and workshops.  These will range from numerology to mindfulness, to nutrition, healthy habits and more.  You’ll be able to soak up endless amounts of knowledge.

We are so excited to share this Astral adventure together and know you will discover so much about yourself along the way.

We love hearing from our Astral Community so do get in touch.


Catherine and Tarryn


Hi Astral community!

To say I’m excited about curating this self care and wellbeing platform for you is an understatement.  Can’t really call this a job when every facet of the business from designing the monthly boxes, hand-picking products and creating courses literally ticks every box on my ‘passionate about’ list.  Then to top it all off, I get to share this journey with my best friend - Catherine!

My journey started the day I followed my intuition,  left the corporate marketing world and began studying health coaching.  I’ve never looked back.  Since then, my path has been an invaluable learning curve. I became a mum, qualified as a yoga teacher,  studied mindfulness,  started a business in corporate wellness, became a reiki practitioner, delivered numerous workshops and keynote speaking engagements and then co-founded a spiritual and resilience framework for children.

Being a mum to my incredible girls,  having a daily self care practice and horse riding are a few of the key things that keep me sane and happy. 

Now I get to combine all my knowledge and experience for you - our Astral Collective community.  I would love to see this space become a hub of information and learning for you that sparks your own intuitive self-discovery journey.  

I can’t wait to get to know you so please do reach out.

Here’s to a fantastic year!





Hi Astral Family!  

Being part of Astral Collective and having the opportunity to plan and choose amazing items for the boxes each month for you is a dream come true!

A bit about me - I have always been interested in spirituality, being drawn to numerology at a young age.  After having my two boys, I became more focused around wellness and how I could use this to benefit my family, this leading me to studying health coaching with IIN.  My life changed through this as I found yoga and mindfulness and my passion for self care ignited again.

Manifestation is something I am really passionate about and I can’t wait to share with all of you some tips and ways to bring what you want into your life!  

Tarryn and I both have a real passion for teaching kids about how to connect with their inner knowing and we can’t wait to share our workshops around this through the Astral School.

Also keep in touch to hear more about our online courses/workshops coming up around manifestation, healthy habits and keeping your vibration high :)

Love and light

Catherine xx

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