Easy steps to raise your vibration ✨

Everything in the Universe is energy - frequency and vibration.


First off - you can change your vibrational state at any time! (how amazing is that?!)

Drilling down to your physical structure, your body is energy and the particles that make you up are vibrating all the time. This vibration is so important as it will determine your emotional state and attract more of the same type of energy to you.

We all know the feeling of being around someone that is positive, someone that lights up the room and lifts our spirits. This will be someone with a high vibration. Their energy is vibrating at a level that is of joy and love.

In India in 2018, Catherine (Astral Collective Co-owner) was fortunate enough to be in the presence of one of the high lamas - the second under the Dali Lama. Even though he only walked past her for a matter of seconds she could feel his energy and the vibration that was around him was one of pure love. It brought her to tears immediately.

Vibrations can be measured and charts can measure vibration against emotions (check out the emotional vibration chart). Love, Abundance, Peace are all high vibrations whereas Anger, Guilt and Fear are low.

Low vibrational states not only cause us hurt but they can bring dis-ease to the body and this often manifests as illness.

The good thing is, you have the power to choose where you vibrate! You can change our vibrational state at any time!

The Law of Attraction states that whatever energy you put out you will receive back. Being at a high vibrational state of love and joy will only bring more love and joy to you.

Being in a rut of low vibration and dark thoughts will bring you more to be angry about. Once you realise this you can change your life.

This is one of the most important things you can learn. You are a master energy manipulator. Some say this is one of the lessons that as humans we came to earth to learn.

Key steps to raise your vibration:

  • You create our own reality - remember what a powerful goddess you are!
  • Awareness is  key - be in tune with your feelings and how you are showing up 
  • Know when you are getting low and have the tools ready to change it

Check out our Angel Guidance Box full of tools to increase your vibration.

From an energy clearing spray, to sound healing vibrational bells, selenite charging plate, jewellery and an uplifting soap - this box has your high vibe frequency covered. 

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