This Months Full Moon In Pisces September 2019 Plus Ritual!

A Full Moon is coming! During the 13-15th September 2019 (Check based on where you are in the world).
Named the Full “Harvest” Moon!
This one special as it is related to the Autumn (Northern Hemisphere) or Spring (Southern Hemisphere)
This month the Astral Box is about Wild Elements, and we've created a full moon ritual connected to water this months gentle Pisces element. The Moon loves being in a water sign, it is as if it has “come home”. This moon will bring feelings of nourishing and tenderness. Emotions may be quite big, as water signs tend to already carry within them a greater emotional aspect than any other element. It will be important to sit with and notice the feelings that come up in a gentle, compassionate and kind way.
This Full Moon in Pisces also forces us to reflect on the events over the last 6 months, since it’s partner, the New Moon, back in March 2019. We may now see the patterns or outcomes of efforts over that time, and similar themes may arise. 
The Ritual
This months Astral Box is all about Wild Elements, we hope this Ritual shows you the wonderful things that happen with the items inside, and brings you closer to your goals, giving you a chance to relax and recharge.
You can get the Wild Elements Box Here
It is common to prepare yourself before rituals or meditations to set the right vibe. It's similar to taking the time to get ready for a night out, or tidying your house before settling into doing homework or other activities. It's about creating a beautiful space for yourself, feeling cleansed and at peace. It's also the perfect opportunity for a lil self-care. Plus it's blissfully relaxing! 
Amberjack Cedar and Smoke Candle
Wilder Water Element Card
Amethyst Geode 
Spirit Element Body Oil 
North Star Necklace
Pen/ Pencil
🛀 1. Getting Ready.
Full Moon Bath.
This month either draw yourself a bath with sea salt, connecting you to the ocean, the moon and the elements of Pisces. 
Use the Spirit Element Ritual Oil in the bath and on your body afterwards. If you don't have a bath, take a shower. Visualise the water washing all your thoughts and daily worries down the drain and anoint yourself with the Spirit Element Oil upon getting out. This item is grounding, the perfect way to centre you before any ritual.
🕯2. Setting up your items. 
Have a space where ideally you wont be interrupted. Have all of  the items listed above in your chosen space to do your Full Moon Ritual. (You can leave the body oil in the bathroom)
Cedar has been used for thousands of years spiritually across many cultures. Often burnt in temples and for purification. When lighting think about creating your own personal temple for you full moon ritual. (You can also do additional cleansing with other tools here if you have them)
🧘 4. Breath and Reflection
You may want to read or just place the Water Element Card near the candle and other items to remind yourself and bring in the Water Element of this Full Moon
 Take 6 deep breathes. 
8 seconds in, 2 seconds hold, 10 seconds out. 
(if you'd like to meditate for longer now is the time to do it)
 🙏 5. Intention Setting
With the information about this Full Moon above, and while breathing think about the last 6-months and what you would like for the next 6 months. Release yourself of the guilt or emotional internal bullying you may have directed at yourself in the last 6-months. And set an intention for yourself for the next 6-months.
If you need guidance for intention setting here are some you can use...
🙏 I am forgiving and treat myself with tenderness and  love instead of  guilt and pressure I put on myself when I feel negative emotions. 
🙏 I am able to show myself compassion and allow myself to be sensitive, sad, afraid, angry [add in your own if you like] without guilty, lashing out at others, [add your own if you like]
Write your intention on your piece of paper. 
🌕  6. Completing Your Ritual
Place the necklace, Amethyst and paper together on a windowsill or somewhere the moonlight will reach it. 
Leave it overnight or for a few days. This will end your ritual, sealing your intentions and holding that energy you created for yourself inside your Amethyst and your Necklace. While also cleansing both items in the Full Moon. Ideally burn the paper or bury it. You can also tear it up and throw it in the bin! 
😊 6. Every Day Life Practise 
 You can wear the Necklace as a daily reminder of this intention and your new goals to guide you on your way. 
I'm ready to do this ritual! Take me to the Wild Elements Box >
Alternative Tools List!
Please note: While we try our best we don't control postal timeframes and your box may not be there in time for this full moon. But there's always next month! 🌕  We've provided alternative tools below so you can complete this ritual with just as much effect!
Any candle of your choice
 Water element representative, tea is a great one! You can even sip it while taking notice of your breath and all the sensations as a part of the breath and reflection section
Crystal with either spiritual or water connections.
Body oils or salt based bath soaks. Our previous Luna Body Oil would be perfect!
 Any item you wear daily, or a small gemstone you can carry on you.

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