The benefits of using a clay mask and how it can improve your skin health

Astral babes know that treating your skin with the love it deserves means you’ll glow with radiance, regardless of the season.

Sometimes though, your skin needs a little extra boost, no matter how much daily TLC you give it. If you’re studying, travelling a lot, or you’re a Girl Boss who is just always on the go, chances are your skin will need a little extra pep from time to time. That’s where one-off treatments like face masks come in.

Forget old school, peel-off masks that resembled some sort of glue and made you look like something from one of the Scream movies. These days, we’re all about the clay mask!

Now, before you freak out and start thinking we’re talking about that gross, muddy clay found on a construction site, relax…. We’re talking about clays sourced specifically for their skin healing properties. Clays like Bentonite, Kaolin and the prettiest of all: pink clay, which is made up of a bunch of awesome minerals with a myriad of skin care benefits.

So, brew yourself a big mug of green tea, dim the lights, put your favourite soul soothing music on and get ready for an evening of skin pampering.

A clay mask for every skin type

If your skin is on the oily side or you suffer from acne, a clay mask should be a regular addition to your regular skincare routine. Bentonite clay in particular is fantastic at absorbing excess oil in your skin and therefore is particularly beneficial for babes suffering with acne.

Bentonite has the ability to ‘pull’ toxins from your skin, once it is mixed with water. So if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends, staying out late and perhaps over indulging in fast food and alcohol, a clay mask made containing Bentonite is a great option to detox your skin and get rid of that ‘puffy’ look caused by excess sodium.

In the past, babes with sensitive or dry skin were advised not to use clay based products on their face, but if you choose the right mask and apply it correctly, clay can be beneficial even to those with drier skin types. Pink clay in particular is made from a mild combination of red and white clays, meaning that it generally works for all types of skin. It’s not drying, but works to firm up skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Firm, smooth skin? Say no more!

Kaolin clay, also referred to as China clay or white clay, is renowned for its cleansing, soothing and nourishing properties. It is the mildest of the clays, making it perfect for Goddesses with sensitive skin, as it calms irritations, rashes and redness.

Deep pore cleansing with pink clay

Pink clay in particular, is fantastic for babes with sensitive skin. It has calming properties which work to soothe your skin, while gently giving it a deep pore cleanse. This combination of soothing and cleansing is perfect for acne prone skin and those suffering from dry, red or irritated skin.

The Astral Collective Love Magick Calming Clay Mask not only contains French pink clay, but chamomile as well. This is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic. This is so important for skin suffering from acne, as it truly cleanses away those impurities and helps your skin to heal.

As if all of this cleansing and healing wasn’t enough, the Love Magick clay mask also promotes the regeneration of skin, working those fine lines and leaving your skin feeling soft, with a luminous glow. This beautiful pink clay mask is available online, here.

Detox - on the inside and outside!

We’re all familiar with the benefits of detoxing from the inside out, but what about detoxing our skin from the outside? After all, it is the biggest - and some might say, most important - muscle we have!

A great way to purify your skin is by using a detoxifying face mask, such as the Good Vibes Only Detox Mask from Astral Collective. The activated charcoal and Bentonite in the mask draws toxins out and refines pores whilst healing and soothing skin for a beautiful, glowing finish.

The black tourmaline gemstone contained in the masks’ properties, means you’ll be feelin’ the highest of good vibes after using it. You can get yours, here.

Clay mask? Get on me!

By now you’re probably super keen to try a clay mask for yourself …. Am I right?!

The gentle cleansing clay masks we’ve discussed, are perfect for using once or twice a week. We recommend applying a mask in the evening, when you have time to sit and let the clay work its magic. Remember to patch test all skin care products before using and discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Feeling like you need a little extra TLC? You can also use clay mask powder in your bath! A bath is such a simple way of chilling out, taking a load off and relaxing after a busy day. Add a sprinkle of our Love Magick Calming Clay Mask or the Good Vibes Only Detox Mask to your bath water for an extra luxurious soak.

Hint, hint: these gorgeous masks are the perfect gift when paired with a Rose Gold Mask Brush, available here. Treat yourself - and your favourite Astral babe!

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