8 Phases of the Moon

There is something magical, mystical and even soothing about seeing the moon hang gently in the night sky. It reminds us that we are part of something much bigger and that there is a possibly infinite universe extending far beyond the world in which we live. We hear ya - it’s pretty trippy stuff!

The moon itself really couldn’t be more different to our beautiful Mother Earth. Essentially, it is a barren, lifeless rock, hundreds of thousands of miles from our planet. However, the Moon and the Earth are connected in so many ways. The Moon controls our ocean’s tides and astronomers say that without it, Earth would wobble around on its axis with devastating consequences.

So there are more than a few reasons to love - and love by - the Moon. Not to mention, it is said that the moon symbolises - and therefore has a strong connection to - the female in all her forms.

There are 8 basic phases of the moon and they are super easy to understand, once you know how. We’ll run you through them here, so that next time you’re gazing at the night sky, you’re able to get even more in sync with the beautiful, glowing rock we call la lune.


The 8 basic phases of the moon - and what they mean

Each of the moon’s phases is very different. Each phase represents and symbolises a different path, or action, we should be taking at that time. During some phases, it’s best to chill out and move slowly, during others you should be focussing intently on your innermost desires and intentions.

New Moon

This is where the lunar phases begin. The moon at the start of a new phase represents a time for new beginnings, fresh starts and a blank canvas from which to start something new. Gather your thoughts, make a plan of action and prepare to announce those plans during the following Crescent Moon phase.


Crescent Moon

Get your energy focussed and announce your intentions to the universe. A good way of doing this is by journaling or even just writing your intentions down on a scrap of paper and keeping it in a safe place, just for you. Keep your intentions, hopes and wishes at front of mind during this time.


First Quarter Moon

This phase comes around about a week after the New Moon. During this phase, the moon looks like it has been cut in half perfectly. For this reason, it is sometimes called the ‘half moon’. During this phase, your intentions might be challenged in ways you hadn’t prepared for. You might need to make some decisions and take action in order for your intentions to manifest.

Gibbous Moon

This is the time to adjust, refine, and make any edits necessary in order to achieve your goals. Perhaps something has cropped up which means your intentions cannot be fulfilled, or you have changed your mind about something. Whatever it is, now is the time to edit or adjust the notes you wrote during the Crescent Moon phase. Don’t freak out about any changes you need to make! Just accept them and move forward.


Full Moon

The phase of the moon we all know so well. Nothing lights up the night sky like a beautiful full moon, so it seems only fitting that this phase signifies your intentions being signed off - sealed and stamped. They may not have been ‘delivered’ just yet, but your intentions are well and truly out there in the universe, workin’ their magic!


Disseminating Moon

Knowing you’ve signed off on your goals and intentions or whatever you were working towards, you can now give gratitude, and enjoy sharing your enthusiasm. Chat about your intentions with others, or simply announce to yourself that your intentions are “done and dusted!”

Last Quarter Moon

Harbouring any hard feelings or grudges? Now is the time to release them. LET. IT. GO. This moon phase is perfect chance to just empty yourself and forgive - to move past anything that was previously stressing you.


Balsamic Moon

During this phase, it’s best to surrender to yourself. Let yourself rest and recuperate. Take some time out sister, you deserve it! The moon will now enter the ‘dark of the moon’ so, in turn, let your mind also become dark and still. Enjoy peacefulness and calm.

Let the Moon be your guide
If you've got an intention in mind, or a goal you so badly want to achieve, why not get in sync with our beautiful moon and follow her phases through the month? In this busy, chaotic world it's easy to feel like life is rushing by sometimes and this can be stressful. But the moon and her phases are constant.

In our busy, chaotic world it's easy to feel like life is rushing by sometimes and this can be a stressful thought. But the moon is a constant - always there watching over us, changing fluidly and effortlessly from one phase to the next. Tap into that

Tap into that beauty and fluidity and watch as your intentions manifest and begin to take shape.

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