25 Magical Uses for Rose Petals



We added some Rose Petals to your Love Box, mainly because it’s romantic AF and you deserve that in your life, but instead of throwing them away here’s 25 Magical uses for them, have fun and let us know the magic making goes...

  1. Use them in a Love Goddess Bath 
  2. Carry them to attract love
  3. Add them to a sleep sachet to promote sweet dreams
  4. Candy the rose petals to give to a lover
  5. Use them to honour the Goddess Aphrodite
  6. Use them to honour the Goddess Isis
  7. Use them to represent the planet Venus
  8. Use them to honour the Virgin Mary
  9. Use them to represent The Goddess
  10. Use in a spell jar for attracting romance
  11. Use them in dream pillows to cause romantic dreams
  12. Use them in spells for healing
  13. Use them in glamour spells
  14. Make a glamour-charged rosewater spray (You already have one! Kakara Rose Mist) 
  15. Preserve them in candles for love spells
  16. Make Rose Potpourri
  17. Make a magical tea to encourage sexy times
  18. Use them in romance divination
  19. Use the petals as altar confetti
  20. Use them to honour Sappho
  21. Burn them and use the ashes to break off ties with ex-lovers
  22. Apply them to the skin to wear on Sabbats (rose mist)
  23. Use the petals as confetti for celebrations & Sabbats
  24. Use the petals to cast circles




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