SELENITE Flower of Life Charging Plate

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SELENITE is amazing!
With the ability to cleanse and charge other crystals, stones and minerals, these plates are perfect to store your crystal pieces when you are not using them.

This plate has been handmade and sourced direct from India and laser engraved with the FLOWER OF LIFE, believed to represent the cycle of creation.

8cm / 4 inch Diameter
.5-1cm Height

Stone of Light ~ Cleansing ~ Serenity ~ Angelic Protection ~ Recharging
Receiving her name from the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, Selenite is an extremely high vibrating crystal. It will assist you in opening your third eye, crown, transpersonal & Etheric chakras while also connecting you with your spiritual guides.

 One of the few crystals that never needs to be cleansed. Selenite is known for its almost unique gift to cleanse and recharge itself and other crystals. Just place the crystal you want to clean by its side and leave it there for as long as you deem necessary.

It is also a great stone for creating energy grids within the home & work, to boost mental balance & of course it is great for meditation!

*mini crystals in photo not included.

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Tracy Dillon

Love these Flower of light charging plates. I do flower essences so these are great to give them an extra little boost and for drinks etc... loved them so much I had to buy more X

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