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Frankincense has been growing in popularity recently which is very exciting, maybe we’ll have a throwback to the high demand during 500BCE to 500AD in Europe and Asia, Frankincense was so popular that it was the fuel of the First Global Economy! Now that's a big deal.

Frankincense is a resin from a specific tree, famously given to baby Jesus on Christmas Day by one of the three wise kings, and is so popular that it has been used by the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Israelites and numerous other cultures as part of their religious ceremonies. Now I can’t deliver it to you in such a grand fashion, but thought it was fitting for the first day of December to start with one of my favourite essential oils that has a Christmassy past.

For us right now in 2016 (nearly 2017!) we're going to check out the top need to know info, health benefits and most importantly how great it is for skincare, I don’t think we’ll include how to grow global economy with Frankincense even though that would be very cool! #girlboss.

Plus I’ve included my little secret that I use Frankincense, and I really want to ask a question that's been bugging me so keep reading...

Covering The Basics:

Where does frankincense oil it come from?

A tree in predominantly found in Somalia, the cool thing is that the tree Boswellia sacara needs very little soil to survive and thrives in very dry, desolate conditions, I always love when beautiful sensorial things come from places we percieve as non-fruitful, it’s almost as if it’s nature’s secret message to us that beautiful things can come from the hardest of places.

What does frankincense oil it smell like?

The word frankincense comes from the term “franc encens,” which means quality incense in old French. The main reason it was so popular way back then was because it smelt so good. We most likely have different taste now, Frankincense is a woody scent, so any Earth Goddesses out there this is definitely for you, but it’s other main characteristic is sweet, often used as a base note in perfumes. I find it delicious mixed in with other essential oils and my partner sniffs it straight from the bottle.

What does frankincense oil do? 

In aromatherapy Frankincense has a calming effect on the mind, the oil is used often to help alleviate feelings of  depression and chronic anxiety. Its uplifts the mood and a lot of people find it has a balancing effect when suffering from extreme emotions and restlessness. I popped into the showroom of a New Zealand company that I purchase most of my natural ingredients from and the lady there began telling me how this year Frankincense was all of a sudden a very popular item during winter, a lot of families had started using the resin or oil to burn it in their homes, helping with the emotional well-being of the household, so cool! It also helps concentration in those who lack focus. I have got to say that sounds good to me, I’m constantly being distracted by myself!

Frankincense is also meant to be especially good for when you dwell on the past and let those feelings affect your present life and situation, ok we've all done that!  Frankincense also can help you to gain a fresh and positive perspective on life!  Sign me up.

Frankincense Oil For Skin Secrets…

Number one, all time favourite thing about this oil is that it is an astringent, which means it strengthens, lifts and tones the skin. Smaller pores please!

Number Two, it is a Cytophylactic, this means it stimulates new skin cell growth, equalling healthy, glowing skin. It is also why it is commonly used in burn treatments and anti-aging!

When you combine the Cytophylactic benefits with Astringent, It can help reduce sun spots, reduce micro-wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks, and generally tone and tighten skin all over your body, while replacing old or dying cells with new, healthy ones!

Acne: The above two properties will help wound healing for faster healing of acne, and helps a lot with inflammation. Frankincense is also an antiseptic so will help fight acne causing bacteria

Dry skin: Perfect! New skin cell generation will help repair, flaky, cracked or dry skin

Oily skin: Since frankincense is a natural astringent, it helps regulate sebum, reduce large pores, tone & firm skin.

Red and inflamed: You’ve probably already got this from the above! Helps fight inflammation and is a calmative.

Combination skin: if you have a combination of any of the above then you’re coverd. Magic.

Now, to my most coveted and beloved use, other than my night time ritual of mixing it with Lavendar Oil for a relaxing pre-bed wind down.

I have always had really bad acne, and some of it can be very deep and cystic, no matter how carefully you treat your skin, acne will sometimes, leave red marks, dark marks and deep scarring. That is where this magical oil comes in, I use it for reducing the marks of acne, blemishes, reducing scars and even stretch marks which I have plenty of!

Since using it regularly the appearance of all these marks has decreased, especially the marks from acne. It definitely helps with the newer scars and has reduced the appearance of my older ones too! It’s not something that happened overnight, the reality is scarring does take awhile to improve, I sometimes make a small mixture of steam distilled Frankincense and base oils that are rich and nourishing but most importantly are low-comodogenic (this means they don’t block pores, we’re trying to help reduce acne not create it right!) and massage the areas for a minute or so everyday, but normally I just use the Astral Elixir Facial Oil because it has everything in it plus some other goodies!

A lot of women do approach me and ask if I have anything that could help with their scarring, it made me realise how many people it really bothers, and how much it can effect someones self-esteem, go try my frankincense oil for skin suggestions above .

Stay Magical,

Anna, Girl Boss at Astral.



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