7 Watercolour Tips For Your Watercolour Guides:


7 Quick Tips For Your Watercolour Guides:

1. Wet the paper before applying watercolour paints: this allows the paint to run and swirl together creating the above look.

2. Don’t use too many colours: we’ve kept it simple and only used the palette colours, the only mixed colour was purple! (Just add your blue and red together 😘) the other colours are blue, and Payne’s grey.

3. Avoid the temptation to “work” the paint too much with the brush: while watching the video notice the paint moving on it’s own through the water. Less is more in this case! It will be less obvious in real time. Trust the process.

4. Add one layer of colour at a time: Let it dry completely before adding more. If you do try adding more and more paint without allowing layers to dry it will become muddy looking. Notice when the hands disappear completely from the video it is to let the paper and paint dry completely.

5. Add your own style and don’t worry if something goes differently: if things go outside the lines or something happens that you didn’t plan then think of it as a happy accident! If you look between the two whale paintings in the video each one is very different! But essentially the same process was followed. Go with the flow and have fun 😘

6. Don’t forget to add a little sparkle!

7. Have fun, relax and enjoy the process of trying something new out.

Here's a Video of the Astral Team creating a celestial watercolour Whale using the Watercolour Guides from the April Astral X Dreamy Moons Box 🐋 ➡️www.astralcollective.com/dreamy

We hope you enjoy watching the painting process time lapse! If you give the guides a go, please share with us! We’d love to see them.

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