The Ultimate Beginner's Crystal That Everyone Must Try

Amethyst is often referred to as the ‘beginner’s crystal’ because it is a great starting point for those seeking spirituality and starting a healing journey. With its varying purple hues and diverse shapes and forms, it’s not hard to see why so many people are attracted to this beautiful crystal and its healing energies. Many spiritual babes happily call Amethyst their favourite crystal and practise meditation and crystal grids with it on the reg!

Amethyst is a beautiful crystal which is popular for not only its gorgeous purple hues, but also it’s meditative, calming energy.

Most of us can easily recognise Amethyst thanks to its unique colouring - a purple that ranges from very light mauve to a deep, dark jewel tone. It’s commonly used in jewellery and even around the home. In fact, one quick scroll through Pinterest will quickly bring up everything from raw amethyst bookends to giant rocks of Amethyst on hipster shelves, and even gorgeous bridal headwear made from clusters of Amethyst crystals!

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But aside from looking pretty, Amethyst is also a great healer and has long been renowned for its calming properties and ability to promote sobriety, and soothing of the mind, body and soul.

The meaning of Amethyst

The name Amethyst is thought to be derived from the Greek word ametusthos. It literally means “not intoxicated” and has been passed down through an ancient legend involving the wine god, Bacchus and a beautiful woman he nearly fed to his tigers!

It is because of this legend that Amethyst is believed to have the power to prevent drunkenness and overindulgence in the, ahem, finer things in life…. So much so that Ancient Greeks and Romans actually ingrained their wine goblets with the stone, to prevent inebriation. They also believed an Amethyst stone worn at the navel had not only a sobering effect but prevented over-zealousness in passion too. Even Catholic bishops have been known to wear an Amethyst ring to protect from mystical intoxication.

Astral Collective, Amethyst, crystals, healing, spirituality

As well as keeping you sober and well behaved, Amethyst is widely thought to offer protection for travellers, to be able to control evil thoughts and increase intelligence, ward off disease, and assist when dealing with legal or money issues.

Is there anything this beautiful stone can’t do?!

How to use Amethyst

When it comes to Amethyst's many uses, it’s really up to you how you want to bring this glorious crystal into your life. From Yoni Eggs (which you can read about, here) to crystal necklaces and raw stones around your home, there are so many options for using Amethyst to heal and protect.

If you’re following a creative endeavour, darker shades of Amethyst may be particularly helpful. Simply keeping a tumbled stone or cluster of crystals in your area of work can assist with focus and intensify your creative thoughts and actions.  

Sometimes, particularly when we move into a new place or start working somewhere new, we might feel a negative energy that we can't quite put our finger on. Perhaps you have a spot in your home where your pets will not sit or your plants will not grow? This can often mean there are negative earth energies beneath the building or in the ground. By placing a natural, unpolished amethyst or Geode in this spot you can help transform the area into a more positive space.

Astral Collective, amethyst, crystals, healing, spirituality

Amethyst is considered a very calming, soothing crystal, which we think makes it absolutely perfect to carry with you - even just in your pocket or purse - or to wear in jewellery form as a pendant on a necklace.

Some other ways to use amethyst in your daily life include placing it under your pillow at night to aid in cleansing your energy and stimulating your intuition; adding it to a crystal grid (You can read the starters guide to crystal grids here) to smoothly move through any changes you’re going through; or by placing it in the corners of your home, or in particular your office, to protect you and your environment from negative energy. You can also meditate with Amethyst to tune in even better to your internal thoughts and feelings!

Good vibes for all!

Astral Collective, amethyst, crystals, healing, spirituality

Remember, choosing an Amethyst - or any crystal for that matter - is all about feeling. If you feel a connection to a certain stone, then that’s the one for you! It’s also up to you whether you prefer a raw stone or a tumbled (smooth) one. Raw crystals look stunning but tumbled ones can be easier to transport if you’re planning on carrying it around with you.

Once you’ve selected a crystal - or crystals if you’re anything like us! - it’s important to look after them. Crystals need to be cleansed and recharged regularly - just like us! Think of it as washing away the energies that have built up in your crystal, leaving it refreshed and ready to take on whatever new intentions you’re now focusing on. Crystals can be cleansed and recharged by being dunked in a saltwater solution. You can also leave your crystals in the moonlight overnight and the moon itself will recharge them.

We hope you enjoy practising with Amethyst as much as we do!

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  • Posted on by Cass Winthrop

    Thanks for all of the Great Info. I Most Definitely felt a connection to the particular amethyst crystal I discovered & carry with me in the form of a necklace… I would also add that it aids me in focusing on a peaceful & positive path in life… It encourages happy thoughts, and It does encourage sobriety… And all of these things I noticed prior to your website, so now I have confirmation through your page, and that’s amazing. The Saltwater Solution For Cleansing Is Helpful Advice I’m Lookkng Forward To Applying… Amethyst also encourages intentional meaningful living as well, and that’s a plus and it warns off negative surrounding energy & auras. GOD-Bless🛐💜

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