The 7 year - going within - a year of learning


As of 1 January we have moved into a 7 year cycle.  We get this by adding the numbers of this year (2023)  together 2+0+2+3 = 7.

The 7 energy is the undertone, the governing vibration of all of us.  There will be much personal inner development as the 7 energy is a slower vibration .  That’s not to say the world won’t still be moving fast but we need this quiet time from the 7 undertone to process the ah ha moments that we are going to be gathering this year.  

The 7 energy flows in an atmosphere of privacy, solitude, and quietness. It is a spiritual number and is constantly seeking answers to its steady stream of questions about itself and life. It is seeking truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfillment, and perfection. This year, so are you.

It is always good to align yourself to the years energy and we have come up with some goals for you to work towards to get the most out of the 7 energy. 

Make Self Care a Priority

This is what we are all about at Astral Collective. It’s time to nurture yourself with the time and care you might have previously denied yourself. We’re living in a strange world, and no matter the circumstance, it can be difficult to push ourselves forward on a continual basis. This is a year to make sure you aren’t burning out. Keep your spiritual and emotional reserves safely secure.  Remember, you can’t help others unless your tank is full.  

Be Patient

Instead of rushing out to find new opportunities, be patient and wait for them to come to you. Trying to force yourself ahead will just bring out the old feelings of dissatisfaction.  Sit and reflect before making decisions. This is not a time to do – it is a time to plan

Connect with and listen to your intuition

Intuition is a major theme of the 7 year, and learning to trust yourself on a more instinctual level is a big part of this. Make a point to follow your gut more often, and if you have trouble listening to it, then put a focus on getting more in touch with your instincts. They know what’s right for you.

Here are some great tools we have to help you connect to your intuition.

Oracle Cards

Manifestation Box

Tarot Course

Make the most of this year and soak in the Ah Ha moments!  You never know what is going to come through x 

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