Numerology 5 year - what does this mean?

Ending your year IN JOY

It's nearing the end of another year. In Numerology this was a 5 year (2+0+2+1) and 5 is all about change. Most of the world has been affected by Covid and a lot of changes have been happening. Some good, some not so good …. everyone's experiences will be different.

With a new year comes new intentions but before we can do that we need to release what we don’t want to take with us into that new year. Look at what we have achieved and learnt and celebrate who we have become. From there we can IN JOY what we have, and look forward to what is ahead!

Energy is stored within our body, emotions are also energy - energy in motion. Releasing energy and old emotions is like clearing rocks away for water to flow through. We can do this in a number of ways.

Belly breathing. Taking deep breaths from your stomach massages your internal organs and releases energy
Yoga or Qi Gong. These ancient practices are based around getting energy to flow through your body
Meditation. Your mind is powerful and we can release and run energy with thought.

Releasing energy makes way for you to refill your internal tank with JOY. There is always so much to celebrate and we often forget this! Here are some easy ways to be IN JOY.

  • Affirmations. Re wire your brain to believe how special you are. I am Kind. I am Happy.
  • Notice the small things. Looking at a beautiful flower or artwork can immediately bring joy. Rocking out to your favourite song can do the same thing!
  • Do something for you. Buy yourself a treat (that’s what our Astral Boxes are designed for!), run a bath, watch that movie you’ve had on your list. Give yourself some love and watch the joy spread.

Our December Box is designed all around these ideas and we are so excited at what we’ve put together. They will take you on a journey of release and refuelling to become IN JOY.

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