Let's Kick Tarot Myths To The Curb!

There are so many myths around what Tarot is, so we thought we’d bust them!

Loads of you have told us of your interest in Tarot. If you'd like to learn more about Tarot, checkout our amazing Tarot Collection in store - including online courses!

We thought now was the perfect time to share a little about Tarot and most importantly, wipe away those myths so you can start use your Tarot without any fear you’re deep diving into the occult!


Tarot is believed to have first emerged in history as a playing deck for playing a game similar to Bridge, or as a prompt card dealt to an individual from which they create a story. This explains why early Tarot looks similar to today’s regular old playing cards.

The artistry of the Italian “tarocchi appropriati,” 15th century decks - of which only 15 incomplete decks remain - is intricate and remarkable, and uses real gold, which points to them being the play things of the wealthy.

It wasn’t until 1909 that the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith and still in print today, emerged specifically for use as a tool for divination.



Myth #1 - “But Tarot is witchcraft”

No. Tarot is not evil. It’s not witchcraft. And it’s not conjuring the devil or dark forces. Just like Irish aunties read tea leaves, Tarot is a way to pair your intuition with inner wisdom to find solutions to your life’s challenges, or to create a new way to look at a current situation, event or relationship in your life. This might be the only time when “Death” actually means rebirth and is an opportunity to let go of a bad situation and set off in a new direction.

Myth #2 - “I will know my future after reading Tarot”

No. Sorry about that. The only way to determine your future is to create it. In other words, you need to take action to craft the future you want. Tarot is an insightful tool to enable your decision-making process. But all the decisions rest with YOU. So your wonderful, magical future is totally in your hands!

Myth #3 - “Only someone specially trained in Tarot can read the cards”

No, not true. If you get your hands on a Tarot deck, or someone around you can, then all you need to do is set an intention, or ask a question, and choose even just one card to get some clarity or guidance. Intuition is often called our sixth sense, and even the most cynical of people will recall a moment thinking about someone, then they call. We’re all connected and although we haven’t made “gut decisions” for a while, it doesn’t mean our intuition doesn’t work… it might just be hibernating! So shuffle your deck, think about what you want to know, lay out the cards, roll your hands across them until you vibe with a card, and read it.

You might be surprised how accurate the card is, and how perfect it is to adjust your thinking!


Myth #4 - “The advice from Tarot is very specific and must be followed”

Not at all. While most cards will really challenge you in a situation you’re in and ask you to look at all possible issues and resolutions, Tarot are not literal. You’re always in the driver’s seat!

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