Gua Sha: a spiritual self-care must have 😍

Have you ever wondered what all the hype about using a Gua Sha was about?

Once we knew, we were hooked on incorporating this into our daily spiritual self-care routine. Despite it being seen as a trendy facial massage tool, it’s roots are actually linked to an ancient Chinese healing technique. As all our Astral Tribe know - we love spiritual experiences so this one got the tick of approval fast.

This ancient healing modality is used on the face to create many health benefits through a ‘scraping’ motion (not as scary as it sounds). In fact, the word Gua Sha means “scraping” in Mandarin.

There are many physical health benefits such as; improving circulation, lymphatic drainage, reducing wrinkles, reducing puffiness, brightening the skin and relieving muscle tension. That in itself sounds like a day at the spa.

The added benefit of using a crystal gua sha, is the spiritual elements the crystal embeds into your energetic system. Each stone has a unique vibrational energy. For example, the Jade crystal in our December Astral Box - has been considered the ‘imperial gem’ and is associated with prosperity, harmony and luck.

How to use your Gua Sha in three easy steps: 

STEP ONE: Apply a few drops of your favourite oil. Hold your gua sha with the curved side to your face. Place the tool in the centre of your forehead and move toward your hairline, applying light pressure.

STEP TWO: For your eyes, place the tool under the inner corner of one eye and massage it towards your ear. Do the same on the top of the eye.

STEP THREE: Place the tool on one side of your nose and slowly massage across your cheek towards your ears. Repeat this motion all the way down your face to your jaw.

We’ve made trying a Jade Gua Sha super easy for you by including it in our December Astral Box: In -Joy. It comes with the beautiful Dirty Lamb Apricot Cleaning Oil - the perfect duo!

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