Gifts for Teens and Kids to support their wellbeing this Christmas.

 Gifts for Teens and Kids to support their wellbeing this Christmas

As mums, we have put together a few gifts we know your child or teen will love. These gifts will also support their wellbeing and make them feel calmer and happier. The combination every mum wants for their children.

1. Teen Vibe Kit

Sometimes our teens need a little support kit in place to keep them feeling upbeat, positive and open to new opportunities. These three items: candle, spritzer and a crystal the perfect pack to keep with them on the go.

2. Kids Sleep Easy

Is your child struggling to fall asleep at night? We've created this pack to help your child feel at ease, relax and drift off into sleep. It includes a gorgeous dreamcatcher and a lavender roller. BUY IT HERE

3. Crystals

Kids are drawn to crystals for the beautiful healing energy that they emit. We have a great selection available for you to choose from.  BUY NOW

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