Love Goddess Bath Ritual


This is a Love Goddess bath for manifesting a little self-love magic, it can be used to set a simple intention to forgive your inner critic or manifesting the Goddess within. Show us some pics of your Love Bath and come out feeling, dreamy, relaxed and full to the brim with love!

Astral Box Items that you will be using:

  • Kakara Rose Mist
  • Love Magick Mask
  • Love Blend Essential Oil
  • Rose Quartz Heart
  • Rose Petals (you may need to top up on the Rose Petals, drying your own is very easy! Or they're available at most health stores, you can never have too many)

What you need:

  • A handful of sea salt
  • A handful of epsom salts
  • A dash of cinnamon
  • Some candles, preferably silver, pink or white
  • Any other crystals you feel drawn to include
  • An empowering playlist (optional)

Mix together the salts and cinnamon, while doing this envision your intent, e.g to become kinder to yourself, or to become a Goddess incarnate, anything you like! 

Bathe at night if possible, and do your bath exclusively by candlelight because everyone looks great in candlelight!

Add the rose quartz heart to the rim of the bath- tub + any other crystals you want, you can also add anything that you find beautiful.

Get in your sensorial bath and relax for a while, thinking about your intent. Make sure to get as much of your body into the bath as possible, let it envelop your body and envision yourself transforming into the intent you are holding.

When you get out of the bath dry off then spritz your entire body with you Kakara Rose Mist, envision you intention coming true and lock in that self-love and hydrated skin.

You’re finished and absolutely gorgeous! 

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