6 ways to use Kakara Rose Mist for Body, Mind and Soul


This little beauty is created by the Loveskin team, their mission is to create simple skincare rituals that return the lustre to skin, but also rekindle your connection with yourself, naturally we are delighted to share with you their Kakara Rose Mist!

refreshing mist to revitalise and rehydrate the skin, whilst returning a feeling of peace to the self. Perfect to keep on your desk or in your yoga bag during the warm summer months, Kakara Mist is just the tonic to keep you feeling zen whatever life throws at you! Here is a quick suggestions on how to use the mist in your life, from skin to soul.

For Skin: 

from @Loveskin Experts 

1. Using a mist is a vital part of balancing the PH of the skin. Your skin requires the water in the mist to activate the enzymes which are the catalyst for many of the functions within the skin and dermal later.

Also when you mist then apply the oil it locks the moisture in. When the cells are hydrated they plump up and reflect the light giving the glow we like to call The LoveSkin Lustre.

Kakara Rose Mist is a delivery system for the water and the rose oil contained within it, into the dermal layer. When correct hydration/ oil balance occurs most skin conditions can heal naturally.

For Mind:

2. The scent of rose is used in aromatherapy for boosting self esteem, confidence, and mental strength.

3. The aroma can be very helpful to alleviate anxiety. It invokes positive thoughts, spiritual relaxation and feelings of joy, happiness and hope.

4. Also used in the romance department, from Cupid himself to modern day’s high tech lovers, everyone knows how indispensable roses are in the romantic department.

For Soul:

5. Use the Kakara Rose Mist to lock in some self love magick with our Love Goddess Bath Ritual, this ritual uses 5 other products from your Astral Box and is absolutely heavenly!

6. We highly recommend spritzing the Kakara Rose mist around you before meditation for a connection to the angelic realms and a deeper connection with the love bug within. 

We'd love to know how you use your mist, send us pics xx






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