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February Tarotscopes

Go Inward

By Jordan Parker Reed

I’ve always felt that the start of the month is a great time to recenter and set intentions for the weeks that lay ahead. And what better way than to turn to the tarot for guidance and wisdom?!

Introducing Tarotscopes, a personalized tarot reading for all 12 horoscopes. Growing up, I loved reading my horoscope and discovering more about myself. So, if you’re like me and appreciate a timely horoscope that’s influenced by the teachings of the tarot, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get to it, shall we?

The card for the month of February is The High Priestess.


The High Priestess is a reminder to go inward, trust your intuition, and open yourself to the truths that are waiting within you. The High Priestess beckons us to shine the light on the dark, unkempt corners of our hearts.
This month, you might find yourself naturally gravitating toward slowing down, going inward, and embracing moments of quiet. Welcome more solitude into your day if you can. Commune with nature. Meditate each morning—even if just for 5 minutes. Listen deeply and follow your own path.

Read on to discover your individual horoscope’s tarot message for this month...

Aquarius: Page of Swords

Do you ever wonder the reasoning behind your thoughts? This might be an odd question, but hear me out: the Page of Swords asks you to get curious about your beliefs and how you choose to express yourself. What is the source behind these beliefs? Are they yours, or were they handed down to you from someone else (a parent or family member)? Let curiosity guide
you in discovering your own core beliefs.

Pisces: Eight of Cups

You’re leaving something behind and starting something new. It may be an emotional month—you’re moving on from a period in your life that brought you all sorts of highs and lows. Such is life. It’s an evolutionary time for you, so be gentle with yourself. Follow your instincts, and be patient as you take this next step on your journey. Great things are coming.

Aries: Ten of Wands

The road is long and you’re carrying a lot of responsibility these days. You’re tired and any ounce of motivation you once had is running dry. The good news is that rest is just up ahead. The Ten of Wands symbolizes that you’re on the home stretch. Keep up the pace for just a little longer and you’ll reap the rewards of all your hard work. You can do this.

Taurus: The Emperor

The Emperor embodies strength, power, and conviction. You are the master of your life—let that sink in for a moment! This February, you may feel more steady than you have felt in months. Others may be impressed or put off by your resolute nature, but remember to stand strong in your principles. Let love and truth guide you in your decisions and don’t be afraid to share that wisdom with those around you.

Gemini: Nine of Pentacles

The Nine of Pentacles symbolizes abundance and wealth. But it’s much more than just monetary wealth—it’s inner wealth as well. You may find that these next few weeks, you’ll have everything you need (and more) to continue on your journey. Be on the lookout for ways to further manifest joy: start your day with a gratitude practice to give thanks for all the blessings in your life.

Cancer: The Devil

The Devil is not a card to be feared, but rather an opportunity to ask yourself: what is keeping you from moving forward? Something is holding you back. Is it an internal belief that is no longer serving you? An unhealthy habit? Or perhaps a person who is having a negative impact? Whatever it might be, take stock of your life and ask yourself what is holding you “hostage”?

Leo: Ace of Swords

It’s time to stop bending to what others want or need from you, and start speaking up for yourself. The Ace of Swords encourages us to share our voice with the world. And for you, my dear Leos, it’s an auspicious time of the year to do that. Don’t be afraid to share what you’re really thinking. It’s okay to go against the grain, even if it makes you or others uncomfortable. Very often, we grow stronger when we walk through the discomfort rather than avoid it.

Virgo: Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords indicates a stressful time ahead. But rather than actual stressful events, these are internal stressors that take the form of anxieties, fears, and worries. These feelings will challenge you and may seem unmanageable at times. Just know that you are stronger than you think. Find healthy ways to manage your stress this month and lean on your support system if you need to. Just like everything else, this period of stress and fear will pass.

Libra: The Sun

Ahh, the warmth of the sun! This month you’ll find yourself better able to appreciate the small joys in life and embrace them with a full heart. People around you will be inspired by your loving and gracious attitude! Your sunny disposition will rub off on them. Don’t hesitate to celebrate life just for the hell of it. The Sun truly is a card that symbolizes grace and celebration.

Scorpio: Queen of Pentacles

Expect to hit your stride this month in terms of work, career, and providing for yourself. The Queen of Pentacles has a surety and steadiness to her actions and decisions. You’ll feel more and more like the Queen: cool, calm, and confident. People may even come to you for advice!

Sagitarrius: Three of Cups

Do you have a lot of celebrations, birthdays, or anniversaries coming up in February? Even if you don’t, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll find yourself in communion with close friends and family this month. Embrace throwing a good party—even if it’s virtual! Have fun and lighten up. Life is too short to take every moment seriously.

Capricorn: Ten of Pentacles

Family and stability is more important than ever this month. The Ten of Pentacles shows us the beauty of a solid support system. Whether you need support from others or others need it from you, the fact remains: surround yourself with those who help you to feel safe, secure, and grounded.
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