The New Moon in Pisces and What It Means For You

On March 13th, 2021 at 5:22am EST and 11:30pm NZDT, there will be a New Moon at 23 degrees of Pisces. New Moons are always in the same sign that the Sun is in, and represent new beginnings, opportunities for manifestation, and an emotional reset. Occuring every month, New Moons are an excellent time to make space for ritual and reflection. 

Why this New Moon is special

The New Moon is occurring during Pisces season, which is a nebulous, dreamy, and creative time for nurturing your connection with loved ones, tapping into your intuition and subconscious, and using art to express yourself. This mystic backdrop provides ample energy for spiritual work and aligning your intuitive desires with your reality. This New Moon is especially magical, as the Sun and the Moon are conjunct Venus and Neptune in Pisces. 

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and values while Neptune governs illusions, dreams, and mysticism. When these planets culminate their energies in Pisces, they give way to fantastical imagination, romantic fallacies, and the most beautiful, soul-touching art. The Moon also sextiles Pluto, allowing you to access your inner power for achieving the goals that align with your intentions.

With the two luminaries aligned during New Moons, there is a sense of ease and understanding between your internal and external desires. It evokes the proverb: “As within so without, as above so below.” Pisces knows better than any other sign that reality is a projection of our subconscious. We have the power to mold and change our lives through imagination. The New Moon in Pisces reminds you of this profound truth, which makes it an auspicious event for manifestation work.

A New Moon ritual for you to try

If you’re interested in harnessing this energy, you can use this New Moon ritual. First, write down your goals, ambitions, and desires on a piece of paper. Feel free to decorate it with doodles, sketches, stickers or anything else that brings you joy. As you’re writing down what you want, imagine what it’d be like if your goals were already true. In this context, daydreaming is not just a whimsical pastime, but part of the manifestation work. When you’ve finished with your list, set it aside for now and revisit it in a month during the next New Moon to check in with your dreams.

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