How Moon Signs Can Help You Understand Your Inner Psyche

When people ask you what zodiac sign you are, they’re referring to your Sun sign. But did you know you also have a Moon sign? Natal charts are like a screen shot of the stars at the exact moment of your birth; they capture the nebulous energy present between the planets, asteroids, and luminaries. Also referred to as a birth chart, these maps to your psyche give you insight about your motivations, subconscious drives, and the context of your birth.

How to find your Moon Sign

You can find out your Moon sign by looking up a natal chart calculator (we like this natal chart calculator by Just Astrology Things). It’s better if you know the exact time of your birth, as the Moon can change between two signs on the same day since it moves so quickly through the zodiac. Once you know your Moon sign, you can begin diving into your inner psyche, emotional processes, and ancestral history to find what lights you up from the inside.

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Your Moon Sign vs Sun Sign

Moon signs are as important as Sun signs, if not more, as they represent who you are internally. Your Sun sign is who you are during the day - running errands, going to work, presenting yourself to the public eye. It’s how you shine and reveal what makes you unique. Your Moon sign is who you are at home, in the presence of loved ones or just by yourself. Since the Moon represents the subconscious, your nurturing styles, and how you process your emotions, it captures a more private part of your identity.

What your Moon Sign tells you about yourself

Knowing your Moon sign helps you discover your personality without filters. Your Moon sign is where you began, who you are at default, whereas your Sun sign is who you strive to be when you’re shining your light for others. Since the Moon reflects the light of the Sun, it’s a more subdued, quieter part of your personality. Your Moon sign also represents your inner child and can reveal dynamics with your caretakers, whether that’s your mother or someone else who fulfilled the role of nurturing you.

Stay tuned as we bring you more about the Lunar Cycle and how it affects us over the coming weeks. Coming up…. The New Moon in Pisces on March 13th and what it means for you.

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