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Chakras 101 Course (e-learning)


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Chakras 101 Course (e-learning)


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This course is an introduction to the Chakra system.

Our e-learning courses are the perfect accompaniment to the Astral Box, or they can be done without an Astral Box Subscription.

So...How does it work!?

This course is everything you need to know to give you a foundation knowledge of the Chakras in the human body, it includes activities you can put into practice today to identify and heal issues that have held you back from reaching true potential.

The seven chakras are the centres in our bodies in which energy flows, understanding them can help us with blocks in our life, they create an insight into our basic needs and potential in life.

It includes

  • Emotions: The emotions that are expressed when a chakra is over- or under-active, or blocked. 
  • Tools, items and other symbols that relate to each Chakra.
  • How to use the Chakra system as a framework for understanding yourself and your amazing capabilities better.
  • Actions, recipes and activities to put your new knowledge into action.
  • Easy and quick to read.
  • Re-visit whenever you need it again.
  • Learning and Motivation to support Mental and Spiritual well-being.

Astral e-learning has been created for women to learn more about what they are truly capable of and bringing a little magic into everyday life. Because what we do daily creates our dream life. 

What People Think About Our Courses:
"As a busy mummy of two wild and lovely children it was really nice and easy to sit down at the end of the day and have a little read its informative and cute perfect for me i have to say absolutely loved it" - Hellena (Plant Magic Course)

"I was curious too see what these would be like was pleasantly surprised at the content. The messages were not too long , just enough to have a quick read then reflect on during the day. I found myself looking forward to the daily affirmation coming to my inbox. Highly recommend." - Wendy (Self-love Letters Course)



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