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Tumbled Green Aventurine Gemstone

Tumbled Green Aventurine Gemstone


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This item is a 150g of Tumbled Gemstone, ideal for adding to your Gemstone Water Bottle. Comes in a Cotton Bag.



Chakra: Heart Chakra

In The House: As the stone of Luck, it is best to have it close to you as possible. But in the home you can place it in the office to for abundance and wealth. Alternatively, place it in the South East Corner of your home. 

Moments To Use: When you are feeling outside of your comfort zone, when you need some luck! In situations where you are feeling out of your depth and need to bring forth confidence.

More Information About Green Aventurine

Aventurine if often referred to as the gambler’s stone, it is said to be one of the luckiest crystals. Aventurine stones carry you toward alternative paths to prosperity that you had not yet considered. They may be a bit of a risk, but the fresh ideas provide a different and valuable perspective.

Meditating with the energy of this Aventurine stone brings harmony between mind, body and spirit, Aventurine properties induce a sense of completeness that will often translate into newfound confidence. Use this increase in confidence and compassion to approach difficult choices or gambles with the heart first. Aventurine opens the heart chakra to help you recognise what truly excites you.

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